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I am a full time internet marketer. I am married with two kids and I enjoy spending time with the family. I also love to share any of the knowledge that I have acquired to help anyone with their success online. There are new opportunities and new strategies to keep up with every day in this Industry. The network of marketers that I work with(some millionaires and some just starting) are constantly learning and working online everyday with whatever programs they are with to help everyone that wants to work from home achieve success. We all try to help and learn whenever possible. If we stick to it - We can see if we can change that 95% failure rate online just by sharing!

The current opportunity I am with has not been around very long at all. I haven't stopped the other programs that I am with; however, it's all about riding the wave, right. Leverage! If you want to be a millionaire, you have to do what they do and how many of them have you heard of that didn't have multiple streams of income?
I'm am with a company called Viridian Energy. They are a 100% green energy third party supplier that has a multilevel marketing business model. This Opportunity is Tremendous for 2 reason!
1) It's a fairly untapped market! Ground floor! Currently this company is in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, and New Jersey.
Illinois, California, and New york will be added shortly with the entire nation joining the national green movement as well. The second reason is:
2) A Larger Prospect Base - who doesn't use electricity?
My blog is still under construction so, go easy on me.

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