Hi Everyone, this is George the Founder of this Group. Please read my email,...

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Fellow Members, 

George here, the "Founder and Owner" of the "Takeaction Now Group".

first let me "Apologize" for my tardiness in response. I have been so busy doing other things that I just haven't been to my own group and interacting with them. I want to change that now to where we can "Communicate". Let's TALKPlease respond back that we can start to network with each other here and henceforth! There's OVER 1000+ people that have joined. Let's see what we can do for each other starting Today!

I am excited to Hear From You ASAP, OK?

Maybe we can start to share what each other is doing and support each other if it's something one will want to do. This is just an idea. Maybe we may want to hold webinars or something among the group if everyone will respond. Let's be OPEN to some ideas and share them ok?

Let me start by sharing some of my personal info. Go to my blog and learn A LOT about what I am doing. Sorry about ALL the "Google Ads" but that's how they send them and place them on my blog. If you see something you like, Click or JOIN it. Please join my blog if you will.

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is there anyone  that would like to Learn How to Read and Understand Financial Statements Better? I am promoting this E-Book for a "Renowned Professor" that teaches this to "Graduate Students" and have set at the TOP of 12 Corporations and brought them ALL back from Bankruptcy!!

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blessings, to you ALL FOR NOW.


Goulds Marketing Service LLC



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