substitute for wood products

Fri, Sep 8 2017 11:35am EDT 1
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Wood-based panels as a substitute for wood products, with structural and physical mechanical properties is superior to the characteristics of natural wood, has been widely used in furniture, construction and decoration, in recent years, China's wood-based panel industry technical level and product quality. have been more Rapid development and upgrading, production and sales continued to grow, the industry is booming trend. It is expected that in the future for a long time, by the sustained and rapid development of China's economy, with the large number of new houses completed, the transformation of old houses, home and office furniture replacement, the Chinese wood-based panel industry there is still much room for development and broad market prospects The Sichuan Province as a large consumption of wood-based panel, wood-based panel industry is relatively backward, Related links: Beautiful safe patio decking High-quality porch wood composite pergolas How to Choice best flooring

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