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How to choose the interior wall paint interior decoration paint is one of the main materials, it is home decoration plays an important role in the selection of interior wall paint generally have the following Reverse Board and Batten Plywood principles.To consider the functional requirements of different functional areas of the paint Requirements, such as the kitchen, bathroom and other wet parts should be used better water resistance of the paint and the bedroom, living room and other parts should choose decorative effect, fine layers, a certain scrub resistance coating, colorful paint.

Two to consider the decorative effect.As the interior wall paint, decorative effect is very important because it is necessary to select the layer of delicate and durable, elegant color fresh paint, but also in harmony with low cost decking ideas the furniture color.Three to consider the coating construction performance and Construction conditions. It is generally believed that the home decoration should give priority to single-component soluble coating, the construction method is best to brush.

Such materials smell small, easy to operate. If the use of solvent-based paint is required to have better ventilation conditions. The choice of WPC decking multifuctional board two-component coating to pay attention to the ratio should be accurate, the second time to use within the specified time, can not be stored for a long time.Fourth, for different grass-roots selection of different coatings. Soil and cement base, requiring good resistance to alkali coating. Optional latex paint, scrub resistance interior paint, colorful pattern paint, etc. For lime and gypsum wall do not choose installing composite kitchen flooring imitation ceramic paint, etc. In the wood Base should be used on non-alkaline paint as well.

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