prevent the seams from cracking wood plastic decking

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prevent the seams from cracking wood plastic decking

the house Xiaobian to introduce you to the purchase and maintenance of the lock floor. first, the locking floor of the purchase of 1, locking the kind of floor. The laminate flooring sold on the market can be divided into single lock, three - fold lock and four - fold floor. The biggest feature of the locking floor is to prevent the seams from cracking. The floor lock is firm, stable and durable,

mainly due to the factors such as the area and angle of the lock, the accuracy of the machining and the toughness of the base material. As long as the structure is reasonable, the single lock lock is enough to prevent the seams of the floor from cracking. The area and angle of the multiple locks in the chamfer may fail to reach the ideal target, and such results may backfire. The fastening floor made of geometry and mechanics is improved on the basis of the multiple locking forms of the existing composite floor.

The floor is tight and tightly fastened and not easy to trip. 2, pay attention to the size of locking flooring manufacturers. Locking floor for the production equipment, processing technology, substrate performance and other aspects of higher requirements, the general small factory is unable to produce. So, when buying and selling should leave a mind, pay attention to don't be fake manufacturers cheat. two; lock the floor cleaning and maintenance 1; glue. When locking floor is installed, still want to hit glue, the main purpose is moistureproof. Install made glue,

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